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  2. Print Your Coupon

    Once you find a deal you like, you'll create a free account where you can print and store your coupon.

  3. Enjoy

    Call the Salon or Spa and make an appointment and be sure to mention your coupon. Enjoy!

  4. Review

    Once you're done with your service, head back to the salon's page to write a review so other people can benefit from your experience!



Do I pay for my service on your site?

If you choose one of our exclusive deals you will simply print a coupon and take it with you to the salon to receive a discounted price. If you choose one of our partners' deals, you'll be referred to their website to redeem the deal.

How many coupons can I print at one time?

As many as you like! Get your hair, nails, and makeup done all in the same week!

Can I make copies of my coupon and share it with my friends?

We love sharing! If you want to share with friends, just be sure to use the "share this coupon" button found on every coupon page. Each coupon you select has it's own serial number so that we can accurately track the number of people who are redeeming coupons, so encourage your friends to sign in and print their own coupon!

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(No Spam!! You may unsubscribe at anytime.)