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Top Salon Products to Bring Home

Everybody wants to have that “fresh from the hair salon” look every day of the week. There is nothing more frustrating than having a perfect hair day when you leave the salon, and not being able to recreate the look at home the next day. We struggle with trial and error as we try to do our hair on our own, but if we don't have the right products and tools, then the struggle is usually lost. Part of the problem is that we don't always know which hair products deserve a splurge and which ones can be purchased for little money at the drugstore. Which professional tools can you use at home to maintain your salon look, and which products can you buy generic versions of? Here are a few tips to help make everyday a perfect hair day:

Flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers – oh my!

The stylist at your hair salon has access to some of the best heat appliances on the market. They can dry, curl and straighten your hair with ease. But these are professional products and they can be expensive. Are they really worth the money? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Like it or not, the generic versions of these tools generally fall short of their professional cousins. They don't deliver consistent results, they can improperly heat and cause damage to your hair, and oftentimes they will conk out on you before you know it. This is one example of an instance in which you really should spend a little extra cash in order to get better results. A professional ceramic flat iron can help straighten your hair in half the time it will take for many drugstore versions. Talk to your stylist and ask which brands they recommend. Investing money in your heat appliances is a safe bet because the money spent will last you through years of styling.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Cleaning and conditioning your hair is an important step in maintaining that salon look you strive to have on a daily basis. But will a thirty dollar shampoo really clean your hair better than a three dollar bottle? This is an area where you can save some money. The drugstore shampoos available are often just as effective as the salon exclusive brands. However, if you have dry and damaged hair, you may need to invest in a stronger conditioning treatment than is readily available in the drugstore. This is not to say that the drugstore versions aren't as effective, but when you need to take care of damaged hair, you should listen to the advice of your stylist and use products that can help heal your hair.

Hair Color

If you are making a dramatic change to your hair color, stick with the professionals. Lightening or darkening your hair even one shade removed from your natural color can involve a tricky balance of chemicals, and having a professional stylist assist you in this can mean the difference between beautiful, natural looking hair and damaged, unpredictable results. If you are simply maintaining your natural color by covering up gray or making your natural color a richer shade, there are several great drugstore products that can give you the results that you want.

Making smart choices about where to spend your money on your hair products can give you the salon-fresh results you want, everyday.


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