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The Secret to Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Some women are happy to spend 30 minutes styling their hair every morning. But for we snooze-button addicts, what we really want is a hairstyle that requires minimal time and effort. If you want great hair without the effort, you simply need to know these tips and tricks.
  • Frequency of Shampoo: How often you wet and shampoo your hair has a huge impact on its appearance. Many women find that when they begin skipping shampoos (or go a day without wetting their hair) their hair suddenly finds an entirely new texture. Straight haired girls often discover waves. Curly haired girls often find their curls wider and more defined. Play around with how often you shampoo to find the sweet spot where your hair has a nice amount of natural texture.
  • Try Night Showers: When you shower at night, you tend to have more time to style your hair. Even if you don't like to heat style, you'll still be more inclined to part your hair to avoid any cowlicks and comb it out. Plus, if your hair tends to look a little flat when its freshly washed, by morning your natural oils will help give hair a little lift and shape.
  • Finger Scrunching: When the hair is wet, simply cup sections of the hair in your fingers and lift up in a scrunching motion. This technique is great for bringing out curls, but it's also great for adding body to straight haired curls.
  • Lift Hair from the Root: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow hair to dry flat against your scalp. While you're driving to work or eating breakfast, use your fingers to lift up your hair at the roots slightly away from your scalp. This will prevent the helmet hair look.
  • Use Bobby Pins: When hair dries naturally sometimes it can take on an unpredictable shape. Always have bobby pins handy to pin down unruly strands of hair or throw hair into a bun if the hair is a total fail. A bobby pin can also help a "teenager" hairstyle look "done".
  • Find Your Best Length: The right cut also has a huge impact on how much effort your hair requires. Fine haired girls tend to be able to be more low maintance with shorter hair styles, whereas thicker haired women will be more able to wash and go with hair below the shoulders. That said, everyone's different-find your optimal length and you'll find your freedom.
  • Master the Chignon: If you can teach yourself to perfect an up-do hairstyle you'll never worry about your hair again. A chignon looks chic on just about everyone.
  • Sloppy Hair? Just Add Eyeliner: If you overslept and just don't have time to do anything to your hair, throw it up in a bun or ponytail and wear your eyeliner a little thicker today. Adding a bit more drama to your eyes tends to make you look like you tried and helps draw attention to your face rather than your hair. The same goes for bright lipstick.

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