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Salon Treatment Frequency: How Often Should You Have a Procedure Completed?

While it may seem fun to go to the salon and have facials and other treatments done, it is not always safe to have procedures done too frequently. Some procedures can have negative effects if they are repeated sooner than they are needed. What may be a great way to look younger can be a great way to get a rash or irritation if it is completed again too soon. Consider the following suggestions on how often you should have procedures repeated.


Facials make your skin feel like it has been renewed. However, they shouldn’t be done on a daily basis. It takes the skin ten days to renew. Therefore, it is safe to have a facial every ten to eleven days. Most experts agree that a monthly facial is a definite must. If you can‘t afford to have one every ten days or if you don’t have the time, indulge at least once a month.

Botox Treatments

When considering a Botox treatment, you should know there are specific guidelines on how often you can have a treatment and how much Botox you can receive. It is recommended that you only receive a Botox injection in the same site every 4-9 months. This will depend on the person, but your doctor should advise you of when it is time to repeat within this time frame. However, it is also recommended that no one receive more than 200 units of Botox all together in one thirty day period. So if you had 100 units in your eyebrows and 100 units in your lips and mouth area, you shouldn’t have another treatment anywhere else for at least thirty days.

Microderm Abrasion Treatments

In most cases, with Microderm Abrasion you will need to have repeat treatments to reach your desired goals. Most salons will offer packages of treatments including four to ten treatments. However, you should wait one to two weeks between each treatment to give your skin time to heal. It is common for your skin to be inflamed or tender after this type of treatment, so you don’t want to further aggravate it until it has healed.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use acid and other abrasive agents to remove layers of skin. This will cause irritation to the area and can leave your face red and tender for days. However, these peels are a great way to get rid of problem areas on the skin. It generally takes up to 14 days to heal after this type of treatment. Only a dermatologist can tell you if you should have this procedure repeated. It will depend on the results from the first treatment and your reaction to it. Follow these simple guidelines when considering how often you should have professional salon treatments. However, you should also speak with a licensed dermatologist if you have any questions. What is right for one person may not be right for another. It all depends on your skin type and sensitivity to these treatments.

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