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Salon Statistics: Who Visits Salons?

Ever wondered what people visit a salon regularly? Does it seem like there is a beauty salon on every corner in your city? While there are more and more salons opening each and every year, these replace ones that couldn’t make it. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of beauty salons in 2005 was 20,300, which was an increase of over five and a half percent for the previous seven years. 99% of all salons have only one location. Over three quarters of the salons that have more than one employee have sales less $250,000 dollars a year. The profits for a salon are not really extensive – only about five percent or so before taxes. However, if you can build up your clientele base, you’ll quickly see much more. Here are some statistics for the actual visitors to these spas and salons:

50% of the women that visit a salon will go at least once a month. The amount of money spent on services and treatments increased by 14% in 2007. In Spain, the typical visit cost approximately 182 Euros, or about $200 US.

Facials increased the most during 2007, by almost 50%. Next were massages at 38%, and finally manicures and pedicaures, at 28%.

However, the expenses for a salon to operate also increased in 2007 by almost 58%. This trend is expected to continue as the world economy falters.

In the United Kingdom, the beauty industry is a four billion pound money maker. There are over 99,000 people working in this service industry and that number is expected to increase as well. Most salons employ four stylists and there are over 35,000 salons and barbershops in business in 2007.

In the United States, women made up about 89% of all customers in 2007. This number is down from 92% in 2006. This trend is expected to continue as more men are finding time for pampering.

CBS reported in 2007 that number of visits to a beauty salon had increased by almost 4% from 2006. It was also reported that the turnover of salons had decreased by almost 7%, proving that the industry was once again experiencing an upturn in profits. However, much of this is due to higher pricing for treatments and services.

It’s easy to see where beauty salons and spas are becoming more and more popular, but like most other services, the fees are increasing. However, the increased pricing does not seem to affecting the number of people that patronize their favorite salon. For many people, a visit to the salon is as a necessary as a visit to the grocery store. Some women will go weekly, but most go about once a month. It’s a far cry from the salons and services just a decade ago. The extra treatments, such as facials, massages, and tanning, are all making a positive impact on the industry. This is expected to continue throughout the next few years.

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