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Hairstyles that Fit Your Wedding Style

Your wedding day is one of the most special days you will experience. It is also one of the few days when all attention will be focused on you, the bride. Your dress, your makeup, your shoes, your flowers and your hair are all important details that add up together to project the ideal vision of you. When you are figuring out the details of how to pull together your perfect look, consider the type of wedding that you are having: Is your wedding going to be a grand and elaborate affair? Or maybe it is going to be casual and relaxed? Small and intimate? The tone of your wedding ceremony and reception will help dictate which direction to go in with your hairstyle. Here are a few hairstyles that can fit your wedding style.
  • Grand and Elaborate
When throwing a grand and elaborate wedding, you may be conjuring up images of fairy tales. The tone of your wedding will be one for the storybooks – with soft candlelight, elaborate floral arrangements, tuxedos, passed hors d'oeuvres by white-gloved attendants and maybe even the sound of trumpets at your arrival. Two schools of thought spring to mind when fairy tales are mentioned: Rapunzel and Cinderella. Which direction you head in will depend largely on the current cut of your hair and the type of neckline your dress presents.  

If a Rapunzel-hairstyle is what you want to replicate, look no further than Gisele Bundchen for inspiration. She has the long, flowing, curly hair down to science. If your hair is not quite as long as her's, you can always consider having extensions put in for your special day. Even if your hair is the right length, having a few extensions put in can give you a fuller and more dynamic hairstyle. If you want to feel like Cinderella on your wedding day, having your hair done in a classic french twist can never go wrong. This is good for almost all hair lengths. Topping it off with a pretty headband or tiara will be the perfect finishing touch
  • Casual and Relaxed

America Ferrera Wedding Hair

With a casual and relaxed wedding, you have the option to keep your look simple and sweet. Experimenting with a formal ponytail can be a fun way to go to represent your wedding style. Take this picture of America Ferrera on the red carpet into your beauty salon to show them the kind of relaxed hairstyle you want. With the added volume and side swept part, this ponytail turns this “everyday” look into a “wedding day” look.
  • Small and Intimate

Nicole Kidman Wedding Hair

A small and intimate wedding may mean a little less hoopla and you may want to reflect that in the way you wear your hair. Pinning your hair back with a half-up/half-down look is the perfect way to tie together your wedding theme. Nicole Kidman shows how beautiful it can look when you pull back the hair from your face and still frame it with the layers that are left down. You'll be picture perfect! The best part about picking out your wedding hairstyle is that you make the rules. You may be having a grand and elaborate affair but think that a casual and relaxed hairstyle is the way to go. Feel free to experiment and try out various styles until you feel the most beautiful. There is only one real rule when it comes to wedding hair: Pick the look that suits you best!

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